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Mystery Misfit Sticker Pack

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This sticker pack is a random assortment of misfit stickers!  They've got small flaws like uneven borders or minor scratches, but otherwise they make for excellent stickers.  Every pack will have at least 10 stickers inside.  If you'd like to give a little-less-than-perfect sticker a home, then this pack is perfect for you!

Interested in a specific kind of misfit sticker?  Let me know in the notes and I'll try to include those!  (no guarantees!  This is very much limited by what misfits I have on hand)

Additional Details

Please keep in mind that these are not vinyl stickers and thus are not perfectly waterproof. If exposed to water the color will not bleed
excessively, but also may not remain true to its original color. It’s not recommended to use these stickers to decorate water bottles, rather they are better used to decorate journal pages or other items that will remain dry.

-Decorative objects visible in product photos are not included in purchase.
-Please be aware that colors may vary due to differences in computer/phone screen color calibrations.

All orders are shipped in environmentally friendly materials!

Customer Reviews

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great sticker pack!

lots of fun stickers, ostensibly purchased for my kid but I have kept some for myself