Abigail Spence is a professional illustrator and designer from Minnesota specializing in whimsical folk-art-inspired art depicting forest animals, nature, and magical creatures.  She also dabbles in the 3-D world of stoneware via Tokheim Stoneware; a local pottery studio and gallery; to create beautiful, but functional, pieces.

Decorative drawing of two branches.

As a book cover illustrator, Abigail is passionate about collaborating with authors and publishers to bring a unique and eye-catching visual style that complements and enhances works of literature. Among her published works is Red Rabbit, a collaboration between Abigail and Emma Elliott, a Northern Irish author specializing in Celtic mythology and the animals of the British Isles. This project originally started as a cohesive series of woodland illustrations by Abigail that were transformed into a tale of magical realism following the story of a rabbit spirit that brings the reader on a journey to discover the beauty that can be found in the woods.

In addition to book covers and illustrations, Abigail’s body of work includes fine art and illustrations of her own design, podcast graphics, album covers, and merchandise design. Her clients include Illumicrate, a book subscription service, where she designed merchandise and various graphics for their subscription boxes, and Fool & Scholar Productions, an independent podcast production company.  She has also worked with Sir Spencer, a musically collaborative project, to design their album and single covers.

Decorative drawing of two branches.

Abigail derives much of her inspiration from her love of nature and animals. As a child, she was deeply influenced by Watership Down and other tales of talking animals, and this influence can be seen throughout her work. 

For business inquiries, please contact Abigail at abigailspenceart@gmail.com.

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